1. Cars Must Be Slammed

2. DON'T Slam Your Car In The Meet Spot

3. DON'T Get Cops On You

4. NO Double Stack Spoilers

5. No Neons

6. No Chrome Color Cars, But Chrome Rims Are Fine

7. Message Commissioners if you see any ricers,
people crashing ETC.

8. No OVERTAKING Other Players.

9. No Fighting And Acting Stupid

10. Get to the meet spot in 10 mins, Taking longer than 10 min can get you kicked form the crew.
11. Park Your Car Once You Get To The Meet Spot.

12. Line Up Your Car With Others Cars Unless We Say Free Park


14. You Must Be Active In Social Club

15. We Will Kick You For Not Being Active For Week Or More, So Message Us If You Are Leaving Somewhere.

16. Color Changes Every Wednesday
And Sunday

17. Feel Free To Host Meets –
Write The Theme Of The Meet And What Time You Want To Host The Meet. Write It On The Crew Wall.

18. Check Calendar For Future

19. You will get kicked if you
don’t follow all the crew rules that are listed. (we will write our name on it as u know
who kicked you)

20. Ricers Are Not Allowed

About US

PowerGK is simply build to upload  videos of us playing GTA 5 from our youtube channel (PowerGk & PowerGK Live) and to update what we will be doing next in the Game. For instance, we update schedule of  car meet in GTA Game,info like who will be hosting car meets, what kind of cars etc.Also, we want to mention that all the videos that we upload will be our own if you feel like we upload yours video, please feel free to write us a message @: so we will delete it. Aslo music that we have in the video come from someone else that we have wrote under every video.Lasty, if u have any conscon contact us,, 
                     or Find us On YOUTUBE